Celebrating 5 Days of Me & You!

5 Days of Me - 1

My best friend is lucky because she’s a Fourth of July baby and every year she gets fireworks on her special day. Awesome! Who wouldn’t want fireworks, right?

But, why wait until your birthday to celebrate?

Why not now, this week?

Let’s make this week “5 Days of Me”. This week is all about you and moi. Accomplishments, goal-setting, affirmations, life-changing betterment–let’s get it done, ladies! Let’s sprinkle our lives with enough Happy Dust to make Tinkerbell do the Running Man.

And then on Saturday when we celebrate this country’s independence we can feel like those fireworks are celebrating us, too.

Deal? Deal. *fist bump*

Today’s task is simple: revel in your awesomeness. Choose happiness today and get excited about YOU.

See you tomorrow!

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