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Hey there Ms. Awesome! I’m supercalifragilistically excited you stopped by because you could’ve went anywhere on the web, but you’re here…you deserve the title.


“Harpo…Who dis woman?”

Welp. I’m a wife to the best gosh-darned hubby. He puts up with my randomness AND flightiness (poor guy) and makes me all twitterpated. We have 2 girls who make it absolutely necessary for me to have an alter ego, X-Mom. Without her my sanity would be hiding in the corner sucking its thumb. ‘Cause sanity is kinda important folks. Sometimes we play nice and let the girls think they’re winning in this here game of Kids vs Parents. And we try really hard not to shout, “In de FACE!” when we win one for the team. You know–good sportsmanship and stuff.


You Wrote a Book? Say Whhaaattt?

Honey, I can’t believe it either! I wasn’t one of those writers who exited the womb with a pen and paper. Haaaa! Not. Even. Close. After muddling, piddling, and tinkering around for years a tiny Writing Bug showed up on my doorstep and I was all like, dude…you seriously have the wrong door. But, it seemed confident. (I actually thought it was crazy, but whadoIknow?)

Check out my first self-published book on Amazon:
PRETTY INSIDE“Nixing negativity one funky attitude at a time.”

And more are a comin’!


Let’s share our awesomeness…’cause you never can have enough awesomeness.

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