Operation Winning, That is All.

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Hey y’all!! So, everyone should be back to the work grind today. Resolutions on fleek and possibilities are endless. Can’t nobody tell YOU nuffin’ ’bout yourself right now. Until…they do. There’s always that one person that shows up to your happy place, sledgehammer in tow, just waaaaiiiting for the opportunity to bust it all up. Why? ‘Cause that’s what they do. They are in the Destruction business and have stock options in Negativity. They have no trouble slinging it. Every. Dang. Where.

So. Whadoyado? Perception, y’all. Perception. WhatchyoutalkinboutWillis?

I caught a quick snippet of Steve Harvey’s morning show while heading in today. And by now majority of us have heard about the Miss Universe pageant. How he crowned the wrong person. Well, this morning he was speaking on it after being out on vacation. Now, I KNOW some folks don’t like him for whatever reason. He ain’t funny. He mistreated his ex-wife(wives) and now trying to give relationship/marital advice–how does that work? He’s on TV too much. He’s arrogant. He’s whatever.

Cool. It’s perfectly okay to not like someone. But, I also think that shouldn’t stop you from learning from them. Here’s one of the things he said about his mistake:

He said someone approached him (think it was the next day–don’t get sidetracked) and he could tell the guy was feelin’ himself. He said, “Yeah, Steve. I saw what happened with the Miss Universe pageant. That must’ve been the worst mistake you ever made.” Steve said he could tell the guy was like, “Yeah. Ha! Now look at ya.” The guy walks off and Steve pauses for a sec and thanks the guy. Wayment…what? The guy comes back, baffled. Steve told him he thanked him because it made him take inventory of his life/mistakes and guess what? “It wasn’t even in my top 20,” Steve answered. Check. Mate.

See? That is how you shake the haters off. Perception.

Oh, you’re going to fail, trip up, make mistakes–no doubt about it. But, it’s your perception of the events that is key. Just because they wish you’d fail…just because they want your mistakes to take you out…doesn’t mean their ill-wishes about your life get to come true.

Think about what they’re saying long enough to take inventory of yourself and if it applies, fix it. If it doesn’t…

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Even in the midst of your mistakes there is pride in your success. Operation Winning…that is all.

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