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PRETTY INSIDE, my self-published, non-fiction book, is available on Amazon. (Click here for paperback. And here for ebook.) And it’s also available in paperback online at Barnes & Noble. (Click here to go to B&N.)











Pretty Inside is a witty, laugh out loud, step on your toes girlfriend to girlfriend book that provides insightful nuggets of information to really challenge women everywhere to look deep within themselves about their own character and integrity.


 This book is a wakeup call for divas of all ages, races and ethnicities…


So, what is it about?

There are plenty of women walking around with their lips poked out and faces all screwed up because they are filled up to their mascara with negativity and nastiness. They complain, gossip, and bash like its a sport. And they stick their noses in any and every place they can instead of where it needs to be: Their own lives!

Usually, a true girlfriend will pull you aside and tell you the truth even when you may not want to hear it. However, for some of these women the people in their circles are the same way, or worse!

PRETTY INSIDE is my version of a girlfriend intervention based on something my grandmother taught me, “Pretty on the inside, pretty on the outside”. It’s written with a slice of no-nonsense and a splash of humor and is the “tell it like it is” guide to a better you.

Keep reading for a sneak peek–


You’re at a party with your girlfriends and one of them brings along her friend, who happens to be very pretty. (Pow! Jab to the nose!) You notice she’s flawlessly wearing the smoky eye shadow you’ve been trying to master for weeks and still can’t get it right. (Bam! Upper cut!) So, you snidely say to yourself, did she leave any makeup in the container?

A few drinks later a cute guy you’ve been checking out for about an hour comes over and asks Eye Shadow Chick if he could refill her drink. (Ka-blam! Body shot to the ribs!) You grind your straw between your teeth when she agrees. Your friend mentions how cute he is and you respond with, “Whatever. I saw him earlier. So lame.”

“Ooooo…I can’t STAND her!”
You’re all puffed up like a Puffer Fish and about to have a hate stroke because of what? She’s pretty? She knows how to apply makeup without looking like a beat-up raccoon? Or, because the cute guy who you would’ve gladly thrown your undies at approached her instead of you?

*rolling my eyes* Girlfriend–stop! You, my lovely, need to find a way to do you.


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