What da Funk? Pulling Myself Out of a Funk

What da Funk

Confession: I have been in a funk probably since April, y’all. Yes, 3 months of feeling the bluest of blah’s.

*Precisely at this point Milani interrupts with, ” Mommy, something is about to drop on the floor.” She’s talking about a tiny piece of dust dangling from the ceiling fan, but I’ll piggyback off of this moment and run with it…

YES! Something is about to drop…these blahs!! That’s it, ladies!!! Enough of being so into my feelings that that’s all I’m feeling. Uhh…something like that. Y’all know what I mean.

Today, in this moment, I’m taking my joy back.

Woman Holding Heart


I’m taking back 3 months of feeling stuck in writing/career limbo. I was a cheerleader for 6 years straight and could “Go Fight Win!” with the best of ’em. Now it’s time to poof up my pom-poms and cheer myself on.

Even as I’m typing this I can feel my pep rising! I feel the boss lady in me saying, “It’s about damn time!” (Hint: This moment inspired the “Celebrating 5 Days of Me & You” posts. I was so hype I’m surprised your screens weren’t covered with pom-pom strings.)

I figured out what the funk my problem was. Planning–the lack of it. I’m far from a planner—I start off good, get distracted, and drop it like a jar of spiders. But, ironically, in that short amount of time before my focus goes AWOL I feel better. It’s like how having a clean house boosts your energy–having a clean, organized blog calendar makes me feel awesome. I feel like I’m accomplishing stuff. Accomplishing things makes me want to accomplish more. It’s my motivational booster.

Fail to plan, plan to fail. <<< I get this now. I SO GET IT!!!! I didn’t plan a gosh-darn thing for 3 months and it threw my motivation into neutral. As a result the only thing I planned was my own pity party.



There I sat at the Woe is Me table, my energy mirroring the droopy flower arrangements. I sipped tepid tea while feeling torn between where I am currently (Still at a 9-5–STILL!) and where I want—no, need—to be (writing full-time–YES!). The dry tea cookies I miserably munched stuck in my throat, symbolizing how I felt in my life—stuck.

It’s against my mom religion to tell my children to “Be YOUR best” and not set the example. I can’t wait until a situation is perfect, I can’t wait until tomorrow—

Now is MY time to become the BEST me!

Let’s get going ladies! Shake the dust from those pom-poms. Our best is sitting in the stands waiting to cheer us on.

The team is in the huddle, the coach is at the head
They all got together and this is what they said:
Don’t stop get it, get it. Don’t stop get it, get it!

Is your motivation feeling blue, too? Find your inner cheerleader and put her to work–STAT!!

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